Dick McCormick
Welcome to my page. I have one main purpose for establishing it. To write. For those who have been following me, that will include writing my life's story as I remember it. I invite you to read it while I write it. I will be continuously adding to it as time goes on, so stop by for any new episodes. I also have added a novel for those who have asked me to do so. I would appreciate any comments you would like to make and you can do that by clicking on the "contact me" tab. 
For those who are new, welcome. Now, I assume there are going to be people well versed in the English language who will be shaking their heads when they see how I write but I ask that you keep in mind...I don't know what I'm doing. The only real thing I have to tell me if I'm actually writing what people want to read is when folks tell me. There are so many of them that have encouraged me, I decided to do this. 
For my family, you may find errors in what I write about my memories, but they are how I recall the events and what was told to me. 

So...here we go.